ZAMTAM LLC is a trading and manufacturing company in Europe engaged in the production and distribution of large scale finished and semi finished food, agricultural and wood products the world over. With offices in USA and Ukraine, ZAMTAM LLC is a leading manufacturers of bio-energy materials refined oil and bulk supplier of sunflower oil and frozen chicken products ,Cooking, Seasoning & Spices ,Confectionery, soft drinks and beer exporters across Europe. Maintaining high quality and a steady supply of the best products fuel within and out of Europe is our utmost priority.

We are committed to being the most complete and customer focused production and trading company in Europe. Our goal is to make a significant contribution especially to biomass energy becoming the largest contributor to global renewable heat production. Along with our several years of experience in nutrition, energy products and manufacturing and have our own warehouses and distribution networks throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The company’s powerful modern production facility equals that of the leading producers of agricultural oil and frozen products. Royal favorable geographical location on the western borders makes relationships with our European partners more convenient, and plays a positive role in establishing new business connections with sunflower oil and frozen chicken products, Cooking, Seasoning & Spices ,Confectionery, soft drinks and beer exporters across Europe.